Things to do in Blackpool, Tourist Information and Pictures

Blackpool PromenadeBlackpool one of the oldest seaside towns famous for its illuminations once a year is one of the top seaside towns located in the west coast of England overlooking the Irish Sea.

The seaside destination gained its popularity in the 18th century when people started travelling to the seaside and believed that swimming in the sea water has many health benefits. Blackpool still remains one of the most popular seaside resorts in the UK. An independent survey carried out by popular consumer magazine ‘Which?’ on a sample of 4500 people further confirmed that it is still Britain’s favourite seaside destination. The survey also found out that Brighton, Whitby, Bournemouth and Scarborough make it respectively on the list after Blackpool in terms of popularity based on the 4500 members of public opinion survey.


Entertainment and things to do in Blackpool:

Blackpool offers a wide range of entertainment throughout the summer including shows in the Grand theatre by

performers such as Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown and Ken Dodd.

Blackpool illumination - A brilliant arrangement of lights that stretches over 7 miles long along the seafront. The illuminations attract visitors between late August and early November when all the other seaside destinations in Britain become quieter. Every year, Blackpool nominates a famous person to switch the lights on followed by a spectacular opening ceremony. The illuminations attract a huge influx of visitors to Blackpool and turn the whole town in to a portal for parties and celebrations.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach:
Located along the Flyde coast, Blackpool Pleasure Beach is the most visited amusement park in Britain. The amusement park also makes it to the top 20 most visited list in the world! Following the launch of a 4 star hotel in 2003, the park was officially recognised as a resort.

Gay pride and Blackpool
Like Brighton often being referred to as the gay capital of south, Blackpool has earned its own reputation for being the gay capital of North. Whilst providing a safe community for gay people and hosting its first gay pride celebration in 2006, Blackpool has earned its reputation as one of the most gay friendly seaside destinations. There are many bars, cafes and restaurants that are aimed at the LGBT community including three local online radio stations – Blackpool Gay Radio, Flash Hitz Radio and 3D Radio.

Blackpool Tower – Inspired by the Eiffel tower, Blackpool towers stands at 518 feet with leisure facilities, restaurants and other entertainment venues beneath and surrounding it.

North Pier – Located on the north of the other two piers in Blackpool, the pier is famous for its shopping arcade, North Pier Theatre and a small traditional tramway.

Some other major attractions include the Central and South pier, Blackpool Zoo, Sandcastle Water Park, Sealife centres and The Winter Gardens which all make Blackpool not only one of the best but the most visited seaside destination in Britain which definitely worth seeing.

Directions to Blackpool Pleasure Beach -

By train – Blackpool North and direct to Pleasure Beach, Blackpool’s own mainline station via Preston.

By car – Post code for Blackpool Pleasure Beach is FY4 1EZ

Full address: Pleasure Beach, Blackpool can be found in Ocean Boulevard in South Shore opposite the South Pier.

Blackpool Sat Nav Address: Ocean Boulevard, Blackpool, FY4 1EZ

Blackpool Facts

Pleasure beach is Britain's top free tourist destination
Visitors - 16 million on average per year
Hotels - Over 3,000 hotels and guest houses
Blackpool Illuminations:
Over 6 miles in length each year
THe illuminations last 66 days a year
Over a million lamps of various types are lit
The cables & wirings are more than 200 miles long
Blackpool Tower:
To pain the tower top to bottom it takes over 7 years!
The tower's lift make 3,500 miles journey each year

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