Luss Village on Loch Lomond

Luss Village, Loch Lomond, Scotland - Travel Advice, Recommended Walks, Pictures and Review

The village of Luss is located on the banks of Loch Lomond and is one of the best places to visit if you are planning to explore the beauty of the Loch Lomond. The village has its own Visitors Centre where you can get tourist information, shops and refreshment facilities and also park your car to go on walks.

There are four walks that set off from the Visitor Centre which lead through the village and the surrounding countryside including the Quarry Path where slate stones were mined in the 19th century to provide roofing for the houses in Glasgow. The remnants of the slate mining are clearly visible with exposed stacks of slates and a beautiful wooden bridge crossing a spectacular stream.


The reason why we picked Luss village as a centre for exploring Loch Lomond is because of its central location being only around 20 miles from Glasgow and offering good connections with Inverary and Oban. Overlooking the beautiful wooded islands on the Loch Lomond, the ancient settlement of Luss village was rebuilt in the 19th Century.

Walks from Luss Village - Luss Heritage Path

Walks-from-Luss-Village-Loch-LomondThe Luss Heritage Path which may take approximately 1 hour is essentially a full circuit around the village, the river and the countryside offering stunning views. You can end the walk at the tourist centre and reward yourselves with drinks and a bite to eat in the café or the luxury Lodge on the Loch Lomond Hotel. The restaurant in Lodge on the Loch Lomond hotel is highly rated and the service is immaculately efficient.

History of the Luss Village
Over 1500 years ago, St Kessog, and Irish missionary arrived at the shores of Loch Lomond and settled on the Inchtavannach island of the Loch. At that the time, the village was known as Clachan Dhu – which stands for Dark Village due to its location surrounded by hills. The saint was later martyred and the legend has it that his body embalmed in sweet herbs and the herbs grew over his grave, giving the village the name Lus – Gaelic for herb.


Slate Stones of Luss Village
A rich deposit of bluish grey slate stones run through the village of Luss and many villagers worked in the slate quarries. On the walk through the Quarry Path starting from the car park at the Luss Tourist Information Centre, you will still find mounds of slate stones, beautifully stacked in an artistic manner. These were mainly the stones workers had thrown away. It is a fascinating sight, which speaks history. Many tenements in Glasgow still have slate stones on the roofs that were collected from Luss.

Video of Luss Village from a nearby Mountain


Map of Luss Village

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Luss Village Facts & Useful Information

Location - 20 miles northwest of Glasgow
Things to do - Numerous forest walks, river cruises and hills
Visitor Centre - Purdie's of Luss, Luss, Argyll & Bute, G83 8PA
Video of Luss Village - view from a nearby mountain

Map of Luss Village and Directions

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